Ampacity and Engineering Aspects of Power Cables course - Dubai

One-day training course providing an insight into calculating the ampacity of cable systems. The course also covers various important subject areas relevant to the detailed engineering of cable systems

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Do you have questions regarding your cable system's ampacity or current rating? Or about the detailed design of cable systems or the potential additional possibilities for existing cable systems? Do you design or verify the design of cable systems? Then this course is definitely for you!

With the increasingly widespread use of underground and submarine power cables, proper design and engineering of power cable systems becomes more and more important. A very important topic in the design and engineering of these systems is the ampacity of power cables, which can appear to be surprisingly good over the short term, but surprisingly poor over the long term or at very specific spots (therminal bottleneck). The objective of this course is to provide insight and methodologies designed to determine the ampacity in a proper way, as well as to cover the various topics that play a major role during the design and engineering phase.

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This in-depth practical one-day training course is part of a series of courses on power cables, consisting of a general three-day course, Power cables in general and several in-depth two-day courses, providing more detailed information on the following topics:

The Ampacity and Engineering Aspects of Power Cables course will be run as a one-day course in Dubai. The three-day course Power Cables in General will be run in Dubai from May 19-21, 2014. For more information please click here.

The entire series of courses will be run from 23-27 June and 10-13 November in Arnhem (the Netherlands) as well. For more information please click here.

On request, Energy Academy can also provide an in-house training course in English or Dutch (content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to the client’s wishes). Please contact us for more information.


  • General framework and existing standards
  • Cable installation design
  • Continuous current rating
  • Dynamic current rating
  • Short-circuit behavior
  • Magnetic fields
  • Requirements and specifications of power cables

Target Audience:

Anyone involved (or to be involved) with power cables in the course of their daily work. It is recommended that the participants hold at least a Bachelor of Engineering degree or have a certain foreknowledge of power cables. The Power cables in general course is a recommended preparation, but not a requirement.